Rascali is a digital content studio specializing in the brave new world of VR.

Whether partnering with cutting-edge companies to create world-class museum experiences, or building our own projects to transport viewers to the rings of Saturn, Rascali is committed to producing high-end, premium experiences in Virtual Reality. With a team boasting members from some of the biggest titles on the planet -- Call of Duty, Marvel, DreamWorks, and the NFL, to name a few -- Rascali can utilize this next generation technology to connect, grow, and promote your business in ways not formerly possible.

As a subsidiary of Reload Studios, we have been actively developing for VR since 2013. Whatever your vision, Rascali stands ready to partner with you to shape tomorrow.


From entertainment content, marketing and corporate training and sales, we will help develop a solution and product that meets your needs.


With several exciting projects still in development, we are proud to announce our first VR App, released for Samsung Gear VR: WoofbertVR. Developed exclusively with our strategic partner, Woofbert, this app transports you to the world’s masterpieces and premier art galleries of the world.


Rascali: Recreation, Arts, Science, Commerce, Academics and Location-based, Immersive content. Put our team of experts to work for you.

Woofbert VR

Bringing the arts to life through cutting-edge VR technology. WoofbertVR is reshaping the landscape of storytelling and revolutionizing the way the world looks at art and culture.



The Earth has become toxic. With no other options, humanity uses the last of their resources to create the most ambitious space program in the history of the world - Project Raven. The goal is simple: Find a new home, or humanity itself will cease to be.


Rascali proudly invites you to the theater to view The Storybox Project! Our storybox is an exciting theater environment where young and old can be immersed in their favorite bedtime stories and fairy tales. Get ready to see these old classics in a brand-new way. SHOW MORE

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